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Welcome to Hypertension.APP

The interactive guide for your blood pressure

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Reminders and interactive exercises

So that you can take regular measurements and get your blood pressure under control

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Extensive library and individual feedback

Personal guide based on your health profile

Blood pressure diary and health profile

Your health data digital, structured and secure at one glance

Informative reports

for you and your doctor

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Values, charts and statistics for better monitoring

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dedicated to Christiane Middeke for her initiative of the first patient guide

Lowering high blood pressure without medication, TRIAS Verlag Stuttgart, 1989



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Bateles Bayerische Telemedizin für Schwangere

Bavarian Telemedicine Project for Pregnancy

The BaTeleS project (Bavarian Telemedicine Project for Pregnancy), funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Health and Care, was completed in January 2020 and has shown that self-measurement of blood pressure in pregnant women with hypertension can help to improve the quality of treatment and prevent risks such as premature birth and intensive treatment.

The experience gained from this project will be incorporated into the to be available to all interested parties. Self-measurement in pregnancy hypertension is also a good example of other types of hypertension that are

treated in the app.

Self measurement on a new level

With the Hypertension.App we would like to inform the population about blood pressure in an interactive and personal way. Many people are affected by high blood pressure, but only a few are well informed.

Hypertension Care offers a digital guide based on in-depth knowledge about

blood pressure.

The app combines diary entries for blood pressure and other vital signs with an extensive blood pressure library and provides personalised advice and evaluations.


HLaN and Hypertension.App

With the DVG, which was passed in 2019, and the DiGAV, which has been in effect since April 2020, manufacturers of digital health applications (DiGAs) can now take the path towards reimbursement by statutory health insurance companies. 

In the HLaN project funded by the BMWi, digital health companies are supported in finding sustainable business models. 

The HLaN offers the possibility of advising companies on the DiGA Fast Track, as well as secure transferability of health data from HLaN actors (DiGAs, EPAs, care platforms etc.) using the HLaN Connector.

In the Hypertension.App you can now use HLaN to securely link your PDF reports to patient files or video consultation portals.

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Hypertension.App is the first interactive app for patients with high blood pressure. It provides comprehensive information on all types of hypertension, their diagnosis and treatment options based on the latest scientific findings and decades of medical experience.

With the support of this app, my patients are able to carry out the self-measurement correctly and actively participate in their blood pressure treatment.

Prof. Dr. med.

Martin Middeke

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